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About our school

About our school

The Allesandro Elementary School and community are committed to the education of the whole child so that each may develop his/her maximum potential to be a productive citizen within our diverse global society.


Allesandro Schools are armed with essential programs to give students a time and place to hone their skills or help them improve in different subject areas. One of these student programs is the Allesandro Homework Center, located at the school library and is being run by their more experienced instructors who are always ready to provide assistance and supervision. The School also has LA's best which like the Homework Center, also provides homework assistance, and more. LA's Best aims to provide a spot for kids to play and study after school hours. Aside from that, the Allesandro Schools also have Runners' Club, Chess Club, and Drill Team.  

A K-5 school located in the Elysian Valley, Silverlake, and Atwater neighborhoods of North East Los Angeles, Allesandro Elementary is home to an Early Childhood Developmental Center and a SRLDP Pre Kindergarten program, Allesandro Elementary's neighborhood school runs on a traditional calendar school year. The two early education programs also uses the traditional school calendar.  

Allesandro School also houses a 1-6 grade cooperative learning magnet program.


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